Our Activities and Works

My firm has documented experiences of cases and situations involving:

Civil law: damages, harassment, division of property, inheritance and donations, professional liability, trusts, family pacts. We give assistance to change management for pensions, inheritance and / or divorce of families. In cases involving generational change in family businesses, we provide professional assistance to the members of family during these difficult changes that often results in disputes and leads to compromise both the company and the family owner.

Family Law: Separations, divorces, loans, awards, adoptions, disavowal of paternity, parental rights, protection and guardianship, administration support, interdiction, disqualification, change of name / last name, advice on all issues of family and crimes against the family

International Law: with special reference to the legal status of marriages and mixed marriages, adoptions and the reunification and the international abduction of minors. For these delicate and complex cases, we guarantee our significant presence in all courts and ministerial offices, following the application of European regulations and international conventions (the Hague, Brussels, New York..). The partnerships that I am able to activate for each case, if necessary, are assured by professional experts Italian and foreign forums.

Criminal Law: with special reference to crimes against the family, abuse in the family, domestic violence, stalking and violence and child abuse.

The firm also activated a collaboration with specialists in the field of mediation in order to follow the family during the pending separation.

The study has enabled the electronic consultation through the system Polis web of the courts, you can request certified company registration at the Chamber of Commerce, the Pra, the Land Registry and Conservatory, providing immediate information to its customers.

I am also registered in the list of lawyers entitled to legal aid.

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