• Family Law

    Separations, divorces, loans, awards, adoptions, disavowal of paternity, parental rights, protection and guardianship, administration support.

  • Child Abduction

    International Child Abduction and Kidnapping Legal, or simply Child Abduction, is the kidnapping of a minor or the improper transfer of the said child​​.

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About Me

I am a civil lawyer and I have been leading my studio for the past ten years. I graduated in law in 1993 at the University “Alma Mater Studiorum” of Bologna and currently registered to the Bar of Padua. I am also a journalist-publicist since 1994.

I chose to cultivate my passion by specializing in family law. For this I have attended several training and courses on this issue.

Our Activities and Works

My firm has documented experiences of cases and situations involving:

Civil Law
Family Law
International Law: with special reference to the legal status of marriages and mixed marriages, family reunification, international adoptions, and the international abduction of minors.
Criminal Law


The firm offers domiciliation to colleagues working in other areas, by making available its expertise to offer a precise and reliable service, employing as well of IT tools (email, PEC, scanners for the digitization of records and documents).

Contact us

For more info write us at info@avvocatolianadoro.it

About Us

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