Family Law

Separations, divorces, loans, awards, adoptions, disavowal of paternity, parental rights, protection and guardianship, administration support, interdiction, disqualification, change of name / last name, advice on all issues of family and criminal offenses against the family.

Stalking, or harassment, is what women suffer the most. The harasser or rapist, very frequently, is an acquaintance, relative, friend, boyfriend, or ex-husband.

These acts of persecution as defined in the bill approved by the Council of Ministers, are now considered a crime, introduced by Decree Law No. 11/09 of 23/02/09.

Violence against women. When a woman is suffering persecution and / or violence, may not know that nowadays, she is better protected, may submit a request to expel the author or violent persecutor, the public security authority shall without delay to the commissioner, who, after having obtained information, has power to admonish the harrasser.

Women therefore have a new defensive tool, effective and immediate.

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